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Step into the Maze of Hochatown, an incredible outdoor attraction in Hochatown, OK! With 29,000 sq ft of twisting pathways made from a mile of wooden fencing, this maze is like no other. Come and visit us for an unforgettable adventure!

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Family FUN!

Here's a cool twist about the Maze of Hochatown: it's about more than just escaping. Your completion of the maze depends on you collecting 100% of our stamps found across the labyrinth. To keep things even more interesting, we also change the Maze layout many times through the year.

Oh, and don't worry about the sun, we're prepared for every season with a metal canopy at the center and fans to keep you cozy as you explore.

Chili Dippers Course

Chili Dippers

We have added Chili Dippers Golf Club next door to bring you the ultimate spot in outdoor entertainment. Chili Dippers offers a luxurious 18-hole mini golf course. Putt your way through creatively landscaped greens and beautiful scenery. At The Maze of Hochatown and Chili Dippers Golf Club, you're in for a day filled with adventure, excitement, and unforgettable memories.


  • 0-3 years FREE
  • 4-12 years $15/person
  • 13+ years $20/person
  • No group rates
  • No reservations needed
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    Yapi René Edi
  • One of the coolest little roadside activities that we’ve done in almost a decade of family trips. This was so cool. My family broke up into groups to have a competition and my daughter tried to bail and get the last stamp from the people at the register, but the young lady with the red hair and glasses has a huge tell. Hah! So much fun!

    We went on a Thursday AM, and it wasn’t empty, but it certainly wasn’t packed.

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    Anthony (Beer Chronicle) Gorrity
  • Fun for the whole family, and wheelchair accessible. Took nearly 1.5 hours to complete. It’s well thought out & interactive; There are fans and water stations along the way. We had a blast!

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    Devin Williams
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    Glory Eyo
  • Second year at the Maze! Such a great experience and tons of fun.

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    Tyler Alexander
  • A unique family fun experience. We spent well over an hour with our family of 6 and still left with one unsolved piece of the maze. We enjoyed the challenge. The maze has shaded areas, water stations, and fans, allowing us to enjoy the experience despite the heat. Staff are helpful but not overly hands on, giving customers a lot of freedom to enjoy.

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    Aaron Chatel
  • Amazing experience!!!!! ❤️

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  • This is my first poor review. The maze was awesome, but the staff was ridiculous! One staff member in particular; her name was Jody! We took our 5 boys to the maze. They were super stoked to do this. It was ton of fun and laughter. We were looking for our final last goal *the exit* when Jody blew her whistle and yelled very rudely at my son..STOP RUNNING! I have owned kids play places before and understand the need to use a stern voice. Hers however was beyond stern and just down right rude and unnecessary. Especially since this was her first time to even have to say anything to our group. I asked her, was this the first time you told him to stop running and she responded with her hands on her hips. YES! I asked her name with the intention of letting the manager know about this behavior. When I told the manager her response was, "well they have to speak loudly to get their attention." I said the whistle does that and it wasn't just loud it was rude. The manager then said "well when they run they can bump into others." Instead of her saying I'll speak with my employee she just justified her behavior which tells me Jody's behavior will not be corrected for future customers. Again I don't write bad reviewsn but this place deserves a wake up call. You have a great product! Don't ruin it by being rude to your customers....when a simple kind response would have been sufficient for the offense.

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    Ashley Ann Ruth
  • We had a great time! Our boys, 6 and 12 both really enjoyed it. Even with it busy it’s plenty big that’s it’s not too crowded. Would recommend.

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  • I will definitely make this a planned stop for vacation. The staff were friendly, and they had water stations, shade on the course, and fans. If you easily burn, wear sunscreen or long sleeves. Go as a group for maximum fun. It is pricey at around $15-20 a person, but for about 2 hours, it is probably about right. We definitely got our steps for the day. LOL

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    J Miles


Not at this time. We can get busy but we strive to accommodate all of our guests on a first come, first served basis.

We're sorry, but we do not allow pets at The Maze of Hochatown.

No, currently there are no discounts available at The Maze of Hochatown.

Next to Chili Dippers golf Club! On

12206 N US HWY 259. Hochatown, OK 74728 get directions

Yes, we do operate in the rain at The Maze of Hochatown. However, please note that in severe weather conditions, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. In such cases, we may need to temporarily shut down operations.

Not at this time.

No, we have limited parking and want to try to accommodate all guests.

We share the parking lot with Chili Dippers Golf Club.

Yes, we have several gates inside the maze that we can change to create different paths.

We have designed the maze to make 100% of our game play accessible on the lower level. Our staff will be available to assist anyone who needs special assistance.

We will have staff in the maze and there will be designated areas for you to signal for assistance if needed.

We will have 5 emergency exits on the outer perimeter of our maze.

Drones are not allowed to fly over the maze due to safety concerns.

No, they are separate entry fees.

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